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Pleadings submitted to the European Court of Justice; 17,897 words

Art museum exhibit descriptions; 11,891 words

Safety report for oil products terminal; 8567 words

Pharmaceutical approval documents; 5350 words

Background report for climate conference; 36,000 words

Government purchasing contract; 7830 words

Documents in multiparty lawsuit -- financial reports and presentations, auditor's reports, legal opinions, news reports and other items (in both bokmål and nynorsk variants); 152,000 words

Two 30-minute videos on fish oil production

Government proposal for shipping routes; 7402 words

Purchase agreement; 5793 words

Specifications for ultrasound testing of railway tracks; 7500 words

Contract template for cloud services; 4395 words

Contract documents for graphics services; 9985 words

Safety documentation for large autoclave; 3467 words

Commercial insurance policy forms for contractors and installers; 28 pages

Medical research documents submitted for approval of a surgical device trial;
6117 words

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