My family roots are in Norway, Sweden, and Finland. My father's mother emigrated from Eidsvoll Verk in Norway, my father's father was a Swedish American, and my mother's parents emigrated from southwestern Finland. I have a B.A. in Scandinavian Languages and Geography and a J.D. cum laude, both from the University of Minnesota. I taught Norwegian for one year at the University while a student and for several years as an adult education instructor in local schools. 

I worked for several years as a commercial insurance underwriter and then as a corporate risk manager. I practiced law for five years in employment law, environmental law, and criminal defense. Later I was the executive director of a nonprofit organization providing environmental education, environmental service learning, and outdoor recreation programs to local schools.

With the wide availability of online publications and streamed video and audio programming from the Scandinavian countries, I am able to maintain my language skills on a daily basis and stay current on events and cultural trends.

Like many Norwegians, Swedes, and Finns, I have a strong interest in outdoor pursuits. I was a search-and-rescue dog handler for seventeen years, and I am a lifelong nordic skier, canoeist, and backpacker.
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